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My Story

Manuel "Manny" Varela poses that life is experienced as a reflection of belief. What is accepted in conscience as real becomes part of existence. He provides guidance on ways to develop an alliance with the Cosmos by living in the moment, correcting errors to the belief system, and giving direction to your will to develop intuition. Manny implements the use of imagery as the natural language of the mind to encourage transformation in all aspects of life.


This phenomenological understanding promotes the integration of all aspects of our being. The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and moral dimensions of existence are emphasized in his healing approach. Manny understands that significant change comes from within to then become reflected in outer reality. His approach as influenced by ancient Shamanic practices, Western spirituality, and hypnotic methods have been integrated with contemporary psychotherapeutic techniques offering opportunities for you to become your own healer. This is a process of re-membering yourself whole and healthy, developing trust in yourself, experiencing freedom from attachments, and finding unconditional love for all.

Manny has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. His experience spans to all stages of the life span from children to older adults. Manny's understanding and practice of shamanic traditions stem from the guidance and teachings of Don Jose Garcia, Maestro Curandero (Healer) in the Northern Highlands of Peru and Doña Mona Rain Curandera in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. In mentorship with Rachel Epstein director of the American Institute of Mental Imagery, Manny studies Western Spirituality as taught by Dr. Gerald Epstein.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

- Mahatma Gandhi -

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